On the Mykolayev front, Ukrainian soldiers try to keep morale up


In the trenches on the Mykolayev front, Ukrainian soldiers are trying to keep their morale up, waiting to launch a counter-offensive.

Living underground is now the daily life of these Ukrainian soldiers in Mykolaïv, in the south of Ukraine.

Routine has set in on this front, but it is nevertheless punctuated by incessant bombing. The conflict started almost six months ago, and has turned into an exhausting war of attrition.

Soldiers patrol the heart of the destroyed buildings. Waiting to launch their counter-offensive. But according to the deputy commander of the battalion, Artem, it will not be announced in advance: "it will be an order given, an appropriate signal, and we will go to the counterattack. In general, such information is disseminated with the aim of influencing the morale of the troops."

There is not much left of the city. Only the soldiers wander through the ghostly streets. A landscape of desolation that sometimes demoralizes them. But defending their land helps them to hold on.

Both fronts are in a stalemate, but the recent destruction of Russian military infrastructure in Crimea is boosting Ukrainian morale. The annexed peninsula, however, seemed untouchable for the Russians.

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