Ukraine-Russia crisis: Joe Biden promises a "forceful response" to a new invasion


If Russia invaded Ukraine further, the United States and its allies would "respond forcefully." That's what President Joe Biden told his Ukrainian counterpart in a new phone call on Sunday.

Volodymyr Zelensky reacted in a tweet. "We appreciate the unwavering support for Ukraine," he wrote. According to him, this conversation at the beginning of the year proves the special nature of relations between his country and the United States.

The Ukrainian leader added that he discussed several issues with his U.S. counterpart, including joint actions by Ukraine, the United States and allies to "maintain peace in Europe" and avoid a worsening of the situation.

On January 9 and 10, Russia and the United States will hold talks on Ukraine in Geneva, a dialogue that will continue in Brussels during a Russia-NATO meeting.

Last Friday, Joe Biden said he had warned Vladimir Putin against an attempt to invade Ukraine during a telephone conversation. The Kremlin said it was "satisfied" with the exchange, while asserting that new sanctions against Moscow would be "a colossal mistake".

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